Github migration notice

I hope to start the Github migration tomorrow. The SVN repository will be put in read-only mode, and then I’ll start the conversion. I’ll post the updates in this thread.

If you still haven’t noticed me, how to mark your commits, now are the final moments.

The SVN repository at Sourceforge enters now read-only mode.

The repository is now online at:

Please check if the content is alright.

Please do not try to upload anything yet, because if some issues are found, I might scrap this repo and import it again.

Just compared with diff, content of the latest SVN revision from SourceForge and current github zip package is 100% the same. Commit messages and constributor information seem to be OK.

except mine. )

Do you have [email protected] listed in your e-mail list in profile?

No but there is enabled special option to use that address.

UPD. It is impossible to add this e-mail

Now in the commits list your commits are not recognized:
but when I enter the single commit, it is linked to your account: … 64b283962f
I’m not sure but I think the second thing didn’t work a while ago. So it may fix itself. Or I’ll need to re-import the repo.

Even single imported commit is not linked in log, only in commit details. Please try reimport.

Done. Still, since the hashes are the same, it seems it has cached it. here I don’t see your commits linked
but when going to the previous page here the commits seem linked

So I believe it is the old data in some Github cache and that it should fix itself.
You can try doing some change (eg. create branch, push commit) to check if the new commits are properly assigned.

main branch called “develop” makes me cry. it should be “master”

It’s gitflow style.

Tow, after re-export it seems that commits since September are not visible in “public contributions” map thingy in profile (was OK before re-import). Probably due to caching too but worth checking a bit later once cache will refresh.

What bothers me right now is number of branches - 16 branches with just 4 that had updates in a year including develop. Yes, this matches what we had on svn but maybe we should remove them one way or another? Either by removing/deleting these branches or by creating separate repo with only “main” branch (develop/master/trunk/whatever its name will be).

Now all linked. Thanks.

I think we can delete these branches:

Don’t know about ptrArts & programmingChallenge, animRewrite contains probably a few starting points for a rewrite of the animation and image classes. The OpenGL branch should be kept. Don’t know about experiments2 and 092c-compat.

BTW, can I commit now to Github repo?

Ivan, I see this as well, I don’t think I can do anything about that.

Some of them might be useful as future reference. Perhaps they could be renamed with some common prefix, so they can be grouped under one entry.

I don’t see that. Github cache is a tricky thing for sure.

I guess so. I don’t think I can do any further improvements to the migration.

Please return small description to the repo - a link and 2-3 sentences about vcmi itself.

You mean that text just below repository name? Done. Feel free to propose better wording :slight_smile:

Yes. But as mentioned by beegee some of them are not needed anymore - like those 3 “aicleanup” branches, something named “oldtrunk” and 5 branches that have no non-merged commits but still show up in branch selection dialog.
Branches like OpenGL/animRewrite may become useful in future but definitely not all 16 of them.

UPD: github weirdness?
Visiting this page while you’re not logged in github shows this.

(well, that what I saw. Now you’ll see me and everyone else who clicked “make public” link)
Not a big issue but don’t see any point in hiding members of our team. It seems that users must decide whether to show membership themselves. Can be done here:

Surely. Apart from opengl, I’d like to keep programmingChallenge branch.
Everything else can be scrapped. SVN will still stand in a predictable future, so in the worst case we can always restore the branch from it.

Done on my part.

I think you may change links "SVN repository " and “SVN web browser” on the left of the site to github links.