German Language File for Heroes 3 Complete


I want to use my language files (.h3c) for Android.

On Windows the same files changed the game language into german.

Can VCMI support that files?

If yes, how to make it work?

Thank you for helping.

H3C are not languages files - these are campaigns (Heroes 3 Campaign).

However you should be able to use VCMI with German version of H3 - just copy all files from German version to VCMI. I don’t think that we ever tested German version though so this may not work. In this case - we’ll have a bug to fix.

For VCMI to work you will either need Heroes III: Shadow of Death or Complete edition. Both versions were not released with German localization. Currently you can’t play VCMI in German. Perhaps in the future there will be language mods or sth. like that.

Thank you for your answer! And hold on the good work. :->