GameInit Crash

ACredit.smk exist and correct. anywhere same - 39460 bytes size.

When VCMI_client.exe starts - start video played, next main menu shows and fail :frowning:

i haven’t VC Compiler for cut opening this file from sources and compiling. and i hate VC :slight_smile:

VCMI_client.exe_crashinfo.dmp.rar attached (why .dmp extension not allowed for attaching?)

GRRR! “Sorry, but the maximum filesize for all Attachments is reached. Please contact the Board Administrator if you have questions.” WTF? size - 85 kb!

Hi Visit0r & welcome to the forum.

Currently no attachments can be added to forum posts. Sorry for that. You can use THIS link to report bugs/crashes if you want (there you can add attachments).

hi 2 you too

i think that’s some my problem, not VCMI.
i’m dev of one project, and i know that 80% of problems - it’s hand problems of users. but dev must waste time for insight into the problem - time that could be spent on useful code.

can anyone with normal working VCMI upload anywhere ACredit.smk ?
also if anyone can compile VCMI without playing this video - plz upload compiled .exe too.

If the OS you are running on is case-sensitive about filenames have you made sure it’s all in uppercase? My ACREDIT.SMK is also 39460 bytes, with the MD5 sum being 3057018d97b462cd21004302585ef862 and comes from a Heroes 3 Complete installation.

Looks similar to #435. Is VCMI installed on your OS partition? Has VCMI privilages necessary to create, modify and delete files in its folder? Is there any change if you run VCMI as an administrator?

Since you say that ACredit.smk exists (and I assume that it’s in the main VCMI directory) than uploading-downloading it is pointless. It wouldn’t work anyway, since VCMI extracts it every time from video.vid archive.

The only thing that puzzles me is why ACredit.smk crashes, when intro videos (3DOLOGO.SMK and AZVS.SMK) are played properly.

OS - WinXP.

My MD5 - 1af5151813cdf30cdd64c49d98a43e2f
Upload plz your file anywhere.

Change name to ACREDIT.SMK - crash again

No, second partition.

OS - WinXP. No priveleges needed.

Logged as administrator.


if ACREDIT.SMK deleted - it’s recreated. size same. if it’s exists - it’s rewriten

looking af file monitor (SysInternals Utils).

  1. end of reading H3sprite.lod
  2. rewrite ACREDIT.SMK completely
  3. read 104 bytes from ACREDIT.SMK
  4. fail - creating crashlog.

in VCMI_client.exe i change by hex-editor ACREDIT.SMK to 3DOLOGO.SMK.

okey, we started :slight_smile: buttons in main menu partially closed by video, but it’s not a problem - i can start game.

as one good man from another forum sad - this problem from non-stardart (edited) video.vid
I can’t remember, where i take my heroes3 wog, so this is may be.

Does H3:WoG work properly on that installation? If it’s running, then VCMI should also run. If not - then we have a bug.

And what you’d do with it? VCMI will overwrite it anyway. I’d suggest quite the opposite - you upload your file :wink: That way I’ll be able to say if it is the file broken or something in your environment.
The point is to find the source of the issue and - if possible - fix it. :slight_smile:

uploaded file needed no more

yes, WOG working absolutely correctly

all what i can say for possible issue - it’s maybe problem in first 104 bytes of ACREDIT.SMK - it’s almost full of 00 in hex. maybe incorrect extract from video.vid? - my ACREDIT.SMK

if you need - i can upload my WOG’s video.vid (58 mb)

Thank you for the file, I’m able to reproduce the issue now.
Your ACREDIT.SMK seems to be encoded with a newer version of smack than rest of H3 videos (first 4 magic bytes are SMK4 instead of SMK2). I’ll try looking closer into how H3 handles it.

Thanks but there’s no need - I’ll simply update my video.vid with your file :slight_smile:

problem found - it’s 90% of fix :slight_smile:


I’ve put your file into my VIDEO.VID and tried running H3:WoG with it. However it seems that my copy of H3 can’t handle your ACREDIT.SMK fille neither. It doesn’t crash but video is not displayed.

Please, check again - run your WoG and tell if in the main menu the letter “t” in “IN THE WAKE OF GODS” is animated - it should be rotating. [That is the video in the ACREDIT.]

We surely should improve handling of invalid video files (VCMI should not crash) and we will but I fear that’s all we can do here.

Done in r1675 :slight_smile:

no animation in main menu.

btw, i have no string “In the Wake of Gods” in main menu ,but russian translate of this.

maybe due to russian localisation someone broke this file, who knows…

@file is not displayed
i think the problem is that he send file extracted by vcmi, not the file manually extracted from video.vid

so maybe code of unpacking smacks from video.vid fails on that format of SMK