Game freezes after brown NPC attacks my castle

Linux Debian Wheeze amd64
VCMI 0.92
in attachment: savegame, client and server logs.

UPD: 2 save files updated. sorry.

Game freezes after AI wins battle.
Think it reproducible. It was twice for me, just from this save.
saveLog2.tar.gz (591 KB)

Thanks for the report.
You have uploaded only half of the savegame — it should consist of two files: 4.vcgm1 and 4.vsgm1. Do you still have the other half by any chance? :wink:

The issue is strange. In the logs I see no signs of AI player attacking your castle (or making any move) just before the crash. It is possible that battle was before the crash but it wasn’t ended properly.

Please tell, when exactly did the game freeze:

  • as sson as enemy attacked you
  • in middle of battle
  • just after battle we won/lost

Was this issue reproducible?