Game error

i have installed VCMI vers 0.87 on my android tablet Prestigio PMP5080B (android 2.3.1), i have copied files from H3Complete and WOG instalations and when i want to save a game, the application crash. In log file apears errors like “error in getsprite writing past the end of sdl”.
Can you help me ?


Hi ionutg,

The information Pelya gave on the Android market when he made this port is pretty much misleading. We do not provide support for Android (yet). It was his own private initiative to port VCMI, and then he abandoned the project, but not before placing it on the market. He also “forgot” to mention the game he ported was by far not a final product, but an “alpha” one. It’ll prolly take a couple of more years until this is completed for PC, and only then it may be interested to make a port for Android (if any coders volunteer). For more info, read this.

Sorry for the bummer. The only way to properly enjoy a Heroes game on smartphone for now, is to try Pelya’s Heroes2 port. That one actually does work. :wink:

Well Zalmoxis if anybody has NIT device (eg. N900) then phone support will be much closer - they had real linux onboard (the mameo distribution) - the only problem for now is that they have lower than 800x600 resolution (actually 800x480).

So VCMI developers would just do low-res support, and people wanting protable Heroes3 on their phone may just buy last units of recently abandoned nokia platform, well if they make enough big popularity on NIT, maybe nokia would reconsider the idea of abandoning of such great platform. And if all N900s and N9s will be sold out, and nokia would still play a fool, notice that many rooted phones has ability to install special version of Ubuntu.