Game Crash -wait for reply-

Have been given an adress with no explanation what so ever like:

-What to do with it?
-How can I post my problems?
-Is it a common problem or specific to my phone?

Adress that have been given:

Questions not being answered:

-Can I use cheats in VCMI Heroes of might and magic III Complete? (Android)
-If so How and where Do I write the cheats?
-Can I use instant victory cheat?

Register on Bugtracker and report your problem there. First better check if someone already reported similiar bug.

Asking questions and reporting bugs doesn’t go in one topic, we need to keep order.
If you have questions concerning Android port, ask it in Android thread. It’s sticky to make things easier.

List of cheat codes in on Wiki.

win 8.1x64
downloaded the game from the main page
unpacked, didn’t touch anything and just launched, but it crashed with the message in the attachment (so I can’t play it).

btw some mods have no proper description of what they add, only who made them and maybe a link to a polish site which I don’t understand.

Did you install Vcmi on a clean installed heroes 3?

lonelywolf, it doesn’t say anywhere that it supposed to be installed on top of heroes 3 client
from the phrase on the main page: We want to rewrite the entire H3 engine (VCMI is NOT another mod), and from the place i found it: i got the idea that it’s a stand-alone clone of H3. But you’re telling me that it’s actually a mod of h3?

The big post on main page:

It’s not standalone as we can’t make standalone clone of game protected by copyright.

why? i thought you can clone a game as long as you aren’t using any of its copyrighted content (art, code, music) :sunglasses:

But actually we are using these. Unless you recreate everything from scratch :wink:

Warmonger, i also have a big bug on my samsung galaxy tab s . I downloaded the original game and copied it to the vcmi folder , the game works but when i play any kind of map the Ai doesnt buy units instead he just buys random heroes and attacks with his small army , thats why his heroes constantly die to almost any kind of wild monster . PLEASE HELP !!!

This is old bug from 0.97, already fixed.

If you took your time to visit bugtracker instead of making posts in random threads of forum, you would know.

Warmonger, i downloaded the files and transfered them in the file folder on vcmi but it still isnt fixed , in the description it says that the ai is afraid to attack , but in my case it does exactly the opposite.

Most likely it’s because Anrdoid version on Google Play is still latest “stable” release 0.97 and not 0.97b which is latest development release. So you’ll need to wait before Android version maintainer update build there, but likely it’s will only happen once next stable version released.

SXX, do you know maybe when will the new update be there ? (1 week , 1 month ?)

Not sooner than 1 month.

This thread becomes very spammy, closing. Use already existing threads for different questions and answers.