Future multiplayer vision

I dont know exactly how much effort would be needed to realize this but whatever here goes:

A network of some sort where players sort of is meets in some start room
with users tagged “in game” or “available”, much like irc

and from there can “bookmark” other rooms where they´re favorite players are.

some feature similar to the old backgammon in XP where you could always play against some random human (s). wait mode : 1 sets map and random available humans pops in.
join mode : find random game from ppl in wait mode.

some of the idea (s) are not new, but it could be cool was built in making the h3 audience unified thru a fast gaming network in its own right.

if decentralized even better.

Yup so I´ll keep dreaming, but im allowed to am i not? :smiley: