Frequent game crashes on RMG

A lot of crashes keep happening in my games, some of them are:
When I put my cursor on any HotA Warehouse map object the game crashes.
When my hero is walking near any HotA Warehouse map object the game crashes.
When hero Thyroc (a Fortress hero, I believe he is from Tides of War mod) tries to enter a boat, the game crashes.
Most of the time when I try to load a save directly from game (not the main menu) the game crashes.

I play RMG map with default preset and am using latest VCMI build, HotA, Tides of War and MDT’s Forge mods.

Can someone please give me some solutions? Thanks!

Hi. Will look into these issues, but if you want more stable experience you might want to use latest release, 1.2.1 instead of daily builds.

Daily builds are mostly for those who want to help with testing, and might not be stable.

Thank you for replay. The thing is VCMI extras and HotA don’t work for build lower than 1.3.

They should work.
However vcmi 1.2.1 requires different version of these mods. You might need to reinstall them.