Freezing on starting VCMI at Mod Handler

I was able to download most recent daily build of VCMI (windows) but when i try launching the client it keeps freezing after this point below, I installed mods in the path cited below & copied and pasted the data, maps, mp3 folders into that vcmi folder & installed VCMI in the HMM3 folder on a fresh install from GOG, any help?

VCMI 0.99 (client)
Creating console and configuring logger: 18
The log file will be saved to “C:\Users\Mack\Documents\My Games\vcmi\VCMI_Client_log.txt”
Initialization: 233
Data loading: 1014
Mod handler: 2

Yeah, thera are some mods that freezing console for unknown reason. Could you paste screen with your mod list?

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I downloaded a bunch that I wanted to try but even with them all disabled it still won’t launch. Do i need to uninstall them all? And test them 1 by 1?

Yeah, it’s good solution to test it 1 by 1 and learn which mod causes this. But - it’s good to remove mods from Mods folder because this freezing mod can freeze the game even it is dissabled in launcher (for example Neutral Heroes mod)
And at are newest versions (WoG, Axolotle creature pack etc.)

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Awesome that appears to be working, the ban things mod appears to be one that was freezing it, will test 1 by 1 moving forward. Thanks for your help!

Sometimes one of mod’s submod (HotA has few submods - click at > to expand) generates incompatibilities. But you will learn it :slight_smile:

Just for anyone who might visit this looking for an answer. These are the ones that wouldn’t cause it to crash. The Highlands Town gave an error in the launcher saying failed but still seemed to work, mountain dwarf launched but gave an error as well.