Freeze on android on a pixel 5, daily build

Hello, I just started using VCMI and for some reason the game freezes very often at completely random times like while a hero moves, when clicking on a building, etc. (it’s rare I can do a full turn before it happens), requiring me to shut down and reopen the app. Needless to say this makes playing homm3 about impossible. Has anyone else had similar issues or has ideas on how to fix it?

I am using a pixel 5 and the latest daily build (nov 20, 2022). I wanted to try the official v 1.0.0, but the launcher is different and I wasn’t able to put the homm3 files using that version (no vcmi-data folder was created and I wasn’t able to make it work after a few tries, though I’m likely stupid and it’s possible to make it work).

Please try again with latest daily build, the freeze you’re running into should be fixed now.

It seems much improved, but it still froze after playing a few turns. So partly fixed it seems. I haven’t tested a lot yet. But thanks for the answer and the improvement!

I had such freezes at Windows. I’ve installed fixed daily builds, still freezes occured. And I checked vcmi version and… files weren’t update!. So I installed build once again. And then everything was OK.

If you still have freezes with current build please send me logs:

  • wait for vcmi to freeze again
  • shut it down
  • open file manager and go to /Android/data/ (I think this is correct path?)
  • send me all text files from this directory, any way will do - upload here, google drive link, pastebin, etc.

This may help me with figuring out what’s wrong


Btw after I updated SDL freezes reduced even more