Freeze if I l start the second game of a campaign

I install the full heroes version with all add-ons.
I use the latest vcmi version over the brunch for Android. (10.6.19)

I start a campaign. The fist game… All is fine.
After the first game I have to start the second game.
I press start and the screen freeze with the loading bar.

What can I do?
Maybe I need a new android version because for windows the brunch is newer?

Campaigns are broken on android

You can take save files from android, bypass campaign on PC where it works and move saves back to android. Android is not able to restart server correctly for now

I move the save data to vcmi on win 10. I start the game and can start the se ond game of the campaign. I save this.
I copy the save data to android but I don’t see the snew save files. But both systems use vcmi.

Are you sure you open it using load game -> campaign and you copied both save files for client and server? Looks strange.

yes under Windows i load it with Campaign and save it, too.
with Android i cant load it over Campaign. Its not available i have to use single player load.
But in this window i see no Campaign save files that i have create with Windows.
Maybe the files under windows are marked as Campaign game but the Android save data marked as single player?
But at the moment i see no way to play the campaign on Android. :-((((((
No other play Campaign on Android? maybe the newest vcmi Version is not the best?
I copy alle both files. Also a rename of both files have no efect.

All is broken. I cant play heroes on windows.

I cant load save files from newer vcmi Version in the stable Version 0.99. Maybe ok.
But if i play a new game ervery time vcmi break if i want build troops. And this in a stable Version.

So i think all is broken and i play the normal heroes.

Yeah. Every week someone writes at forum that clicking fort generates crash. And every week someone answers that it is known bug and you have two other more comfortable ways to recruit units.