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Since using the random map generator seems a challenge and I cannot understand how to fix that, I’m thinking to use the GOG game to generate a map and then copy the map to VCMI. The problem is, where are the random maps kept by VCMI? I don’t want to add them to the crowded Maps directory. Maybe this topic of file locations can be added in the FAQ :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance. VCMI is a great achievement in open source.

VCMI doesn’t store random maps anywhere. Just generates random map and creates new_game savefile.
What are your problems with generating random maps in vcmi?

Aah, so this is why savefiles are so big. I get the usual error, “Could not create a random map that fits current choices”. I think I saw a colleague being able to generate random maps with VCMI under Windows by using files from his old H3 archive instead of the GOG. Perhaps I’ll try the same.

Just install vcmi essential files from here: and problem with "“Could not create a random map that fits current choices” should be gone.

Thanks, that worked. Some combination I tried didn’t work right away but with some of the option set to “random” I got it right. Thanks!!

Not all combinations are implemented yet… :frowning:

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