Feature request: unvisited location outline

It’s a pain to remember all the buildings that the hero hasn’t visited yet - even if only for singleplayer - how about a outline key modifier; say, press CTRL and see unvisited locations for the selected hero?

Another thing that annoys is the cities that don’t have possible buildings to build, but you have to open the build menu to figure that out. Alternatively, if possible there should be a way to cycle cities from the building menu (to minimize mouse clicks), say up/down arrow.

Think these are good ideas?

Yes, it’s a great idea. I also thought about it. Like to suggest that selecting of hero all objects that he has already visited, stop animation, and those that have not visited — would continue as usual. Then it would be easier to see and understand. And yes, I do not like all those horrible “animated Lakes” and “dancing forests.”

Hi guys! I have one simple feature request which seems very useful for me. It would be very useful to see not only expected damage but also a number of creatures expected to be killed. Look at the screen:

I am going to shoot goblins and according to the message at the bottom of screen this attack will cause 13-21 damage. Sometimes I need to know the exact number of creatures I will kill in atack. To find out it I have to open “creature properties” window, watch creature’s hp and calculate how many creatures will be destroyed. It would be much more comfortable always see a number of killed creatures in a same message with the expected damage. In screen above message should probably be “Shoot Goblins (11 shoots left, 13-21 damage, 2-3 kills)”.

I forgot to attach link to previous message. Here it is: postimage.org/image/6e2ep6cvl/