Fan made towns

Adding new creatures and new towns is something I personally find as one of the strong sides of the VCMI project. Even tho I am not experinced in modding from lurking around forums I realize that the old erm scripts are not very supportive for this feature and its something that the player base wants.
Here is a list of towns I have seen that I think are worth mentioning and hope to see them all in one place as a single mode.

Hota’s Cove town a completed pirate faction, done like a pro
Bastion town I think this one is dead but I am not sure, anyway best town screen in h3 by my opinion.
Hota’s Kronwerk an incomplete town from the hota team, winter theme, dwarf and nordling looks nice hope to see it done
Hota’s citadel portraying a human religiosly fanatic race.
Groove town even tho models are a rip off from warcraft’s night elves its one of the few that has been completed

I am probably missing a lot of them but these are the only ones that caught my attention if you know more towns please mention them it would be nice to have them all in one place.

Note - site is in Russian only but have decent amount of artwork. Try randomly clicking navigational panel at the top for more art :slight_smile:

Forge - based on artwork from NWC, currently planned as next town for HoTA.

Haven - probably closest one to mermaid\atlantis town

From what I know content for Bastion\Haven is mostly done, however due to dead WoG 3.59 town development had stopped too.

Personally I like Cove, Bastion and Forge(at least in its current state) but Groove… it just doesn’t fit into existing style of the game.

thanks I haven’t seen Haven before so I guess making two towns that are alike won’t make much sense.
I don’t like forge as it is now :s too futuristic maybe it should be a cheat code town IMO :smiley:

There also similarities between cove and harbour. Harbour author claim HoTA team stolen from him the idea of water city, something more than idea and did it worse. I don’t tried to find it’s website, but I’m repeat after quote on HC.

Thanks for collecting all most popular towns inone place :smiley:
I agree with OutSane. Forge is too futuristic,
but Cove, Bastion and Kronwerk looks AWESOME ; )

Probably I’ve played M&M too much so I am more-less neutral regarding Forge - it all depends on implementation. Large amount of real-world influence would definitely kill this steampunk town.

Nevertheless right now this town have much higher chances for release than anything else from that list.
So let’s just wait and see how HotA team will manage to integrate Forge with the rest of the game.

How they can look awesome, since they are dead?
Kronwerk yet don’t have the town screen and units (only 4-5 units were released and taken for different mods).
Bastion graphics was never released too, only town screen (it’s easy to do town from this townscreen, but there will be no dwelling degrades and buildings will not appear, only borders.

There are models of 12 of 14 units and drafw screen.
BUt developers said, that these units are test and not ready, and there is no town screen yet.
So officially Haven will never see the light I think.

Also there are other mostly full compeleted towns, that can be played after some converting work to VCMI:
Fairy Town
Modern Forge
Ukrainian Forge
Romanian Town
Atlantis Town (not full town, only a few buildings)

By the way, I have some fan-made towns from existing graphics/creatures, that need graphic corrections, like creating DEFs of units on map, some hand correction of images and creature icons, adding heroes etc.
So they are not ready to share.
And I don’t have time and will to improve them and then support.
If someone wants to do this non-easy and boring work, I will think about sharing them with you.
So If someone improves them, I will only win myself.

I see you collected a lot of stuff lately… maybe make a copy somewhere on the net in the current state? Nothing fancy, a short list on the forum with name / status and link to download location.

This will not lead to any corrections.
And there be any of control - it’s just will be the food for other mods.
And there is no guarantee someone would take and work on them.

For example, do someone want to improve Covenant port?
All graphics is present and don’t need rework.
There are heroes change is needed to do their specialities, because I only changed portraits of Cove heroes. For this H3+ERA are needed to look here.
I didn’t correct siege screen coordinates very much, but it looks good now.
Also I didn’t know special creature abilities, so I wrote them by my fantasy. So also creature abilities must be checked.

My idea was to have them “backed-up” somewhere so that they do not go lost again like that (Warcraft 3 town).

Great Hero Silaneo finally released redraw of HMM5 Necropolis for VCMI: … 0232#focus
It is a huge 3d modelling work made in about 1-2 years.

Downloaded this, crash before I even get to the main menu

That’s why Silaneo included VCMI 0.95B in his links.
From 0.95b format of map objects had changed. so this mod needs to be cleared of unneeded files and updated to version 0.97

This town looks like it was made out od plastic so i guess it’s still far from finished… but it made me wonder if as VCMI is now, is it posiible to have couple different designs of town available in game at the same time? Let’s say after choosing the town when one clicks on town icon it swithces to another design. So after adding this necropoly we could have both of them on the map at the same time. How do you think, is it fissible?

@TheOneWhoSeek if I understand your question correct then yes, it’s possible. You should be able to add any number of towns in game and they all will work and be available and may appear on pre-created maps with “random town” or in randomly generated maps.

Personally I only tested Forge and Bastion together, but don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work for other towns.

If more than 20-30 new towns added in one moment, there begin crashes :sunglasses: I think it’s because of memory.

Excuse me i missed word “same” in my second sentence so You kind of missunderstood me. What i mean is to have multiple designs of SAME town with SAME units and SAME heroes. You would just choose one of the designbut not as another town on existing list but rather eg. once you choose necropoly you can choose one of multiple designs. I’m not sure if you get what i mean now…