Fairy Town VCMI 0.98

dropbox.com/s/e4gmdt6ml4sch … y.rar?dl=0

Does anyone remember Fairy town? This is a little experiment i did while working on updating existing town mods.

Here is a picture i was able to find on the internet

Well it was one of those old towns that would replace an existing one, this one replaced necropolis. I dug the files up on the internet, but sadly it had no monsters or anything like in the screenshot above. I went ahead and dug through all the creature packs i could find for fairy type creatures. I also changed the colors on some existing creatures to make varients for this town. I had fun experimenting with this to bring it into vcmi. Enjoy! The download link is above.

Have new version ?

dropbox.com/s/29f2mjare6y0u … y.rar?dl=0

thats the link to the one i made messing around with the files.

I was wondering if you are working on the heroes at all for your town. If you are I would be interested in this as I really enjoy this town a lot. If you haven’t given it any thought, I would be interested in helping. Although I am not a programmer I have started toying with modding by setting aside the fairy town specifically in a separate file from my game, and playing with making some heroes. I have two classes in mind Scout and Spellweaver. I also have set aside about 4 pictures for the spellweavers. I love to write so I would have no problem with writing a bit of story for heroes.

If you assume that project is dead, you can revive it and develop in your own fashion!

That’s a thought, I will keep in mind. Thanks!

Thanks to misiokles I now have an updated version of the town with a start on original heroes. I will continue to play around with the town and see if I can’t iron out the glitches. :slight_smile: OH, and I had a thought for the enchanted tower special. What about making it like the lookout tower from the Tower town?

Special buildings in mod towns are not implemented, so right now it’s impossible to give them Lookout Tower, Treasury, Artifact Merchant any other standard H3 special buildings functions.

Good to know~ I will keep that in mind, and eagerly await updates.

oh please by all means do whatever you want with the town. I had found it on an old website and added all of the creatures in myself using old creature packs and some that i’d modded myself. I have no idea who had made the original world but it was meant to replace necropolis hehe. If I find any other old ones I may try doing another one.

Last version of your Fairy Town is now 1.2. Zerrys, Dreaganfire and me have change it a bit to make playable version for 0.99 vcmi. For now there’s some unfinished and abandoned projects waiting for someone skilled who will make remaining graphics (few of them are low quality graphic like H2 Sorceress and Necro Town, one is too dark like Silaneo’s H5 Necro Town.

Yeah i had done the warlock town from homm2 i posted a link in one of the other threads on here last night. If you want to send me some links to those i could take a loot and see what i can do.

Inside this zip file you’ll find H2 Necro and Sorceress town.