Fails to run on Galaxy Nexus

My steps were:

1/ Install VCMI from Play
2/ Run VCMI (it created no dir)
3/ Run VCMI again (it created the app-data/eu.vcmi)
4/ Copied only the Data folder into it (I assumed wrong, I know now)
5/ Run VCMI, I see the main screen, but it crashes when trying to start a game.
6/ Copy all files into app-data
7/ Fails with an error "cannot create file Config/… something, sorry I dont rememebr"
8/ I delete Config dir
9/ Run VCMI, it writes config file OK but crashes again.

Cannot open /sdcard/app-data/eu.vcmi/config/settings.txt

Loading .lod files: 651
Reading …
Reading CRGN4
General text handler: 39
At line 1, position 0 error: Unexpected end of file!

and the rest is garbage.

ps. I used the HOMM3 and did download+install the addon as per instructions

Android is not supported by vcmi.

Hrm, any suggestions where I can find help?

Hunt Peyla, author of this port.

Or anyone else. Definitelly there is a need for Android developer.

true, on a tablet would be awesome, but on a phone not so sure…