Error with the screen nn Android

Hi, I’d like to know if there’s some type of solution for this error.

I’m playing on a Xiaomi with notch. I think that this may be the problem. But I don’t understand why this is know like this. Some months ago this happened but with the error of the flickering screen. But at least with that problem the image was in the center of the phone.
Sorry if have some errors. English is not my mother language, so…
Thanks for the help.

Android version is buggier than other platform versions. Unfortunatelly, there’s no android developers in vcmi contributors so we must wait for someone skilled to be able to fix it.

I used to play 1024*600 resolution and it fits more or less ok. But I agree that after fixing flickering it is left aligned. Anyway I suggest to change resolution.
Another interesting question. Is dimension door restricted by screen size so having bigger resolution gives me opportunity to jump on longer distance?

No, Dimension Door is tiles-distance depended. Bigger resolutions don’t resize tiles only enlarge point of view :wink:

But when I use DD I can not move viewport. How can I jump for longest possible distance?

Accorging to wiki: 9 tiles
But you can also check vcmi code of this spell.

I can not change resolution on Windows. It resets back to 800*600. I think I had the same issue on Android once.

Changing resolutions at windows and android is possible but you must download and install vcmi essential files.

It is restricted. On higher resolutions you just can not cast DD on far cells.

Resolution 1280x800. I can jump 9 tiles ahead.