Error message & laggs

Hello, I’m new to VCMI and finally figured out how to install it correcty and set language.

I just had my first test game and notice perfomance issue with lagging and stuttering.

Also i would like to know if this error message appear to someone else too.

Hello! welcome to the harsh but full of wonders world of VCMI :slight_smile:

I know it’s sounds like a joke but deleting open32.dll (or _open32.dll) file from h3 main directory can help with performance.

Those messages are mostly for developers to know what’s happening with the exetutable code. This option can be disable in console window.

Look for Console commands -> hideSystemMessages

Thanks for the reply. It was really helpful.

I want to change the title to server messages & performance issue

But unfortunately the edit option is locked. Can this be unlocked again?

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