Error loading saved game sgs2

I have a sgs2 with aokp/cm rom. The game run well and I can even save(only overwriting an already saved game) but when I try to load a saved game the application crash and close.
Is anyone experiencing the same problem?

Currently we are not supporting Android system. Ask developer of Android port, Pelya, for help (he isn’t active on this forum).

I wrote to pelya asking that he removes the reference to our website from Google Play Store.

Maybe I’m not the first one, but one can only hope… :slight_smile:

At least it makes people visit the forums. Has to count for something. :slight_smile:

I also saw it as a good thing in the beginning, but after two years it started to feel like spam.

Anyway - good news (at least IMO): he reacted to my mail and changed the text on Google Play Store which was sending people over here for bug support. That should reduce significantly the Android bug reports.

Thanks Zamolxis. I feel a bit ashamed that I didn’t think about it before.