Duel Template

Hi VCMI team. First of all I want to tell everyone that you are doing an excellent job and with your dedication to the game, I just came back to my childhood game after 10 years of forgeting it.

Now, I’ve noticed on several YouTube videos that one of the most popular template is “Duel” template, but unfortunatlly I’m not able to find it on my template list. I have downloaded all the mods relalated to maps, but I cannot find duel template.

In case this option is already available, I would really appreciate some guidance on how to find and enjoy it, and if not, would be great if this option is added into this great game.

Thank you for all the great job and for any support offered to this post.


All the features needed to handle Duel template are not yet supported. Some of them should be ready for 1.5.0.

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