Display Bug app version 0.99 luncher version 1.4 on android

I have a problem with the display of the game,
attached image to show what exactly is the problem in red to show exactly what happens
I have already tried to download mod fix resolution and in any resolution same bug.
Its realy confusing and flickering screen while playing
Thanks for helping.

hi i have the same problem is there any solution?

I had the same issue on my Samsung S6 Tablet. I downloaded the 13-Feb-2020 02:10 [VCMI-branch-develop-dca5d86-067399c.apk] from here https://wiki.vcmi.eu/Installation_on_Android . Bug seems to be fixed now on this release.

Outbreakex thank you so much, it now kind of working.
it not show anymore but also not allow full screen, and also allow only 600x800 resolution (but I think now its different problem), buy it’s now playable :slight_smile: