Development Progress?

Hi guys, I just would like to ask when a new Version ist released. Is there a cycle like every 2 month or only if a big feature was added?

Greetz rohezal

We release new version every two to three months, it depends on how much has been done. You can see when versions were released in download section or ‘news and announcements’ subforum. The next version is scheduled for June 1st.

cool :).

I would realy love to the see heroes3 on an open pandora :slight_smile:

May I ask if did some AI allready work?

Unfortunately not much. There is some very basic “go kill” battle AI, but that’s it. We had someone working on Adventure AI but I guess life caught up on him as we haven’t heard from him in quite a while (tstandley, if you read this, we miss you). :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning:

So I guess currently this is our weak spot. If you happen to know of any AI programmers (preferably HoMM lovers and with some time in their hands), feel free to point them to our project. And btw, thanks for your interest in the project and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve seen adventure AI running around last summer (in dev versions only :P), but it’s been disabled since there were too many unfinished / not working code parts. There were some people interested in it, but the amount of actual code produced is little.

I am new here and got a question. I have read the entire changelog and everything ‘added’ to the your version is stuff that came with original heroes 3. What exactly are you guys doing. It says you goal is to reinvent WoG, but this game is nothing like WoG. It seems pre-heroes 3…no random map generator even. Either i did the install wrong or I dont see any reason to play this as of yet.

Yes, you’re right. There is no reason to play VCMI as of now if you are not doing bug hunting to help us get rid of them. Our first goal is to recreate WoG features and then we’ll focus on providing mod support. Having mod support, VCMI will be much more customizable than WoG is. Adding new creatures, towns and artifacts will be easy (in WoG it’s almost impossible). If you want to play VCMI, you should wait one or two more years (but this is just my estimate, don’t take it for granted).