Default maps that "should" come with VCMI

There are 2 great maps with 0 Opponent AI.

The IMP - You battle monsters with 1 unicorn on a S+U map trying to catch a teleporting imp.

H3 Basic Training - you have 8 heroes and will fight battles with each that teach you basic tactics. (kiting, terrain movement influence etc).

Like I’ve said… Great single player maps that should run out of the box and will do tons for PR.

I’m not aware of those maps. Can you give a link, or attach them here?

The Imp on this page.

Basic Training Map

And in the meantime I played 2 more from the same category:

Bonus (but maybe it can also be included with the 3 above)…

  • LotR Chineese this one is the hardest and smartest map I ever played. (Played only 2 weeks). But this one is full map with full AI. It is in chineese but there are no game changing texts there so can be played. There is an LotR English made by a fan but I have not tried it.

Non VCMI related:::Here the HC thread where I got these recommendations.