Custom map

When making maps in the editor I can only save or use the converter to make .vmap files. The game can only see .h3m maps but theres no way to convert the vmap to h3m. The h3m converter only goes one way and maps saved as .vmap don’t appear in game when in the map folder.

How do I save my custom maps in a way my game copy can play them?

VCMI maps are shown in scenario list under ALL maps tab, at the end of list.

That doesnt seem to be the case for me; no map with an ending other than h3m appear. Can’t save to that format nor convert. Any Vmap files are greyed out in the map folder when trying to use the H3m converter; and they never appear on the All map sizes show available scenarios list when in the game; despite being in the maps folder.

If .h3m and .vmap exist in Maps folder, with the same name or/and map title/description - only h3m game reads.

I have one named using a unique name and it doesn’t show that map either; but when I open the h3m converter I can see the averagejoe.vmap custom map greyed out with the other maps in the map folder… but when im in game its not in the list.