[Creatures] Centamonths

Centamonths - centaur mamonths. Graphics from Axolotl.




1.0 - VCMI 0.94 compatibility
- Added "KING3" ability
0.90 - Added background to creature porttraits (Kuririn)
0.80 - first release

Would look great on snow too :).

Good stuff, good stuff.
How much do they cost?
Can do they be hired?

IMHO, it would be nice to release creature mods when they are totally finished, and it includes graphics for their dwellings although I can understand that the feature to include objects can be not implement yet in VCMI.

There were NO plans for the dwelling, so how can you tell it’s unfinished?

I was thinking about artifact that allows upgrade normal centaurs to centamonths, but this feels quite unbalanced and just crazy.

I was thinking about a dwarven faction… :smiley:

No dwellings? Quite disappointing.

There is a lot of caves for map. Take any of them and dwell centamoths there.

Updated to VCMI 0.94. Added “KING3” ability so Centamonths willl take more damage from Slayer.

The link is down :frowning:

Please keep on. This would be great.

I’d remove dwarves from the preserve and put them into own facton, then move sprites from elemental to preserve (fits much better), then add new level 1 to elemental. The preserve dwarves could be a nice start for a dwarven faction.

Sorry, i meant “rampart” not “preserve”.