Crash When Starting Scenario

Has anyone else had the problem of the game crashing when you push begin game? Mine crashes every time on every scenario even on a fresh install.

I guess that maybe you copied vcmi files in wrong directory. For example launcher.exe and all .dll files shound be in the same folder that heroes3.exe

Hmm, I have the launcher in the same folder for sure. Also, I installed all the files of the mod into the files of the same name. For example, the files in Data were moved to the Data folder in the Heroes 3 directory. I can try another install and see if that fixes it.

Did you update vcmi essential files in launcher? If yes - don’t do it!
And if you have open32.dll file in your vcmi directory - you can safely delete it.

I have the same problem in my Samsung Galaxy S8. I can open the game, select the scenarios, configured my options, and listen sounds but click on “begin” just crash the game. It was installed from google play and then I was copy the needed folders from a previous installation of my linux machine (where is working). The Data, Mp3 and Maps folder are in the “files” folder.

I’m not familiar with android version, but I think it’s better use more recent android versions that old google play version. Get some daily builds

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@misiokles, thats was my first intention, but then I had to decide not try in that way when i see a message that tell me, if i enable the support for a locally installation i will then take the responsibility of any problem on my phone (it have one day of usage). The message is absurd ofcourse(Google and/or Samsung are really anoying), but i also not have know to delete the logs, so i will not take the risk if i can not know how to restore the phone to the original state and erase any traces that may exist, just in case I need to use the warranty. So, i can not do that for now, but thanks :frowning: