Crash when opening any battle

So i did as fresh install of heroes 3 then dumped the new vcmi .99 files into the folder. Game seems to start up fine but whenever i get into any battles it crashes with this error.

I’ve tried deleting everything and doing multiple installs and still nothing. Thanks for looking, i’m trying to get back into vcmi =)

So i just noticed that if i wipe out the vcmi folder in my documents the crashes stop happening. But after i open it again they come back. I have to keep wiping it every time i want to play which is weird.

Ok i figured it out. So when you update the vcmi essentials mod from the launcher it deletes the vcmi folder from the mods folder of the heroes 3 directory and then makes a new vcmi folder in the mods folder of the my documents / my games folder BUT it doesn’t copy over the sprites and data folders from the old vcmi essentials mod that it deletes in the process. Copying over those 2 folders into the new vcmi essentials folder fixes all of the issues. I don’t know if that’s happening because i am doing something wrong but i’m up and running now and figured you guys would want to know.

vcmi essential files are not supposed to be updated - it causes problems

ah ok didn’t notice that would be an issue but if you do update it all you have to do is copy the files over and it all works fine!