Crash & strange message during gameplay

  1. So I finish first mission of Erathia and go to second, but after cinematic when trying to load the map game just crashes. No idea if this effects any other campaign maps, I didn’t have time to test the issue.

Here’s console:

Crash dump attached!

I didn’t install any mods, just VCMI on top of GoG Heroes.

What can cause this?

  1. Also, I got this strange message when playing first mission - when new day would start - this appeared on my screen and in console: (119 KB)

Please use bugtracker to report bugs. Crash dumps are not useful anymore, client/server logs are.

Somehow I don’t have log files in my VCMI folder.

many campaign is broken

Because they’re located at C://Users/[your_name]/Documents/My Games/VCMI directory (as saves and mods as well) and there are .txt files.