Crash after win campaign

Hi guys.
I have played Homm3 .
After won some campaign scenario > game crashed to home menu > cannot play continuing .
How to fix this ?
I am using VCMI 1.3.1 on android.

what mission has broken?

Driving for the boots bro , and any next mission which i dont know because i havenot reached it

Which campaign? Which scenario?
There is no scenario named “Driving for the boots” or something like that in H3

There is:

Ah. Apologies. Missed that one somehow.

This is the last scenario in the campaing, so there is no scenario to continue. Right now VCMI returns to the main menu when you finish a campaign, so you are free to pick any other campaign to start playing next.

Heroes 3 instead shows high scores and then - goes to next campaign selection.

Not sure if we’ll get high scores support in next release, but will think how to make it more clear that you’ve completed campaign and that this is not a crash. Thanks for info.