Cppcheck vcmi

It took some time but it’s finally there!
Feel free to ask to join and write about it here so I’d be more or less sure it’s really you.


My fault is that I forgot to add filters to “Analysis settings” tab, it’ll show some warnings from /usr/lib, will be fixed with the next check.

It has some limitations, afaik we can’t submit build a lot of times per week but I’ve never reached this point with SuperTuxKart project. :slight_smile:

Regarding build, it took about 2.5 hours to make a coverity build, the result was ~550mb which were uploaded to their site then.

Ran cppcheck with the latest revision (marked as 0.96b)
As usual, rename .txt file to xml one. Cppcheck-gui will help to sort and remove false-positives. Even though there are tons of FP, I really dislike that amount of warnings. :frowning:

coverity build will be ready in 1-2 days, will update this post.
result.txt (890 KB)

Will check at least errors, thanks for report.

Coverity check updated, see here: scan.coverity.com/projects/1005?tab=overview

Seems like in newly detected problems there are both false-positives and real problems. It’d be great to do some rules for coverity but it’s better just to sort bugs that already exist :wink: