"Could not create a random map that fits current choice


Please describe how you’ve added your template to template pack.


i used to python script to make a json file, and put it in the h3modtemplate and the other template folder inside the config folder where the other json files are. Then i added its path to the main json file of the mod (to both template mods)

  1. Download and install vcmi essential files from here https://wiki.vcmi.eu/Mod_list#Utilities
  2. Inside you’ll find dozens of rmg jsons that allow you to play with more than 2 players (jebus cross as well).
  3. There are some restrictions: water can’t be generated and you can’t choose 5 players (this can be fixed manually).


do you have a selector in-game where you can select the template? i think i have it installed from the launcher, so i have it :confused: (but i cant select a template when creating a random map - in hd mod i can) also it says only for non-windows user, does it mean it doesnt work for the operating system windows or is it something else?


i found out what was the problem, some templates were disabled for some reason… thanks anyways :slight_smile: is it possible to create a 3 vs 3 or 3 vs anything with only 2 teams? i could make maps like 2-2-1-1 and 2-3-1 but not 3-something


I think we can use only these commands to create randoms maps. https://wiki.vcmi.eu/Random_map_template
You should study existing templates and learn json format by trial-and-error method :confused:
And no, user-selecteable templates are not implemented yet. So you must disable all template except yours to test them.


Thanks, i experimented with it a lot, but i couldnt create what i originally wanted, ended up playing in different configurations. I guess l’ll wait until other templates are implemented :slight_smile: