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You might find this a little interesting. =)

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A little, but just not what we need.

Well, I think it is interesting nonetheless (and definitely suitable for General discussion :slight_smile:). And at the very least, it would be neat to have mini-games inside VCMI that people could play if certain values of one or more VCMI variables were met. :smiley:

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With Python scripting you could do something like that using wxPython, creating own windows for the script to do stuff with.

Are we going to be using Python in VCMI?

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Playing tetris while waiting for your turn? Interesting. I wonder how many people would like it.

We don’t use wxWidgets, are you sure it’s not a problem?

Python or Lua… we’ll need a scripting language in the future (I don’t think many people are happy with ERM syntax).

Well, I brought up the mini-games idea because it was suggested in the FFH2 (fantasy mod for Civilization 4) forum here. =)

I don’t think it just needs to be restricted to mini-games between turns. :stuck_out_tongue: It could be integrated into all sorts of mods. The Tetris idea as the only type of mini-game is a bit too stereotypical and, shall we say, a bit limiting. :wink:

So to the developers, could mini-games be an option in VCMI mods further down the track? :slight_smile:

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Not really, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. What brought me the attention of this was that some person hade used a Python plugin for mIRC to render a 3D scene, as seen here. mIRC doesn’t use wxWidgets either, and it seems fine. I don’t know how it would work on other platforms than Windows though. In any case, being a script a user could just decide not to use it if it’s causing problems.

I see. It seems to be no problem as long as scripts operate on another window, which is very limiting, especially in fullscreen mode. I think such extensions should be considered when we have a basic scripting.

Yes, they could be an option… but with a very low priority (don’t expect it to be implemented in predictable future).

Okay then, that’s fine. =) Practical issues largely outweigh the benefits, at least at this stage. :slight_smile:

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Hi there.

I am a little lost, despite knowing this is ongoing. Just wanna make sure i get the idea.

  1. I download WoG 3.58. ANYTHING else? I ask you this, coz I had trouble in the recent past downloading lots of WoG related sutff (different versions od MapEditor, several other objects, features, etc… that I did not know exactly where to place). I guess to summarise, how much of Wog do we need? just the "3.58 all in one "?
  2. I ran the VCMI_client application (1,6 Mb), after having installed all those folders in H3 directory (e.g., I did not simply drag and drop ‘Data’ to replace the folder ‘Data’ there, but placed the contents inside). It opens a small window, with no music, some sound effects. Is this ok?
  3. Map Editor - what map editor should I use at this moment, if any (original heroes or WoG)?

Many thanks to all. Hope I can be of whatever help, when testing and reporting!


Definitely. How did you even find this thread?

WoG3.58f precisely.

Does the game screen show up and console gives no errors? If it does, probably info about missing files is given.

You can use ANY editor with VCMI, as it reads RoE, AB, SoD and WoG maps of any size, including XXL patch. Custom objects may not work, but at least their defs should display. Either way, it’s interesting are of tests :wink: