I want to see other opinions and proposals for problem of commanders:
in faction.json mod creator can point which creature from faction will be commander (it must be shooter).
When first battle with commander starts, I see one thing - all commander parameters are inherited from pointed creature, and abilities too.
So if there is only shooter of 7 lev in faction, he becames commander and give overpowering help to player.
In WOG, as I remember, all commanders on start had same parameters (or at least of one level).
Isn’t it better to set commander parameters common for all factions (at least from mods) and remove specific creatures abilities at start?

They’re not “inherited”. Commander is a regular creature with some extra bonuses. This also means that (for example) “hates creature X” ability will target commander just like it will target regular creature.

Reason why original SoD towns (if you saw commanders set in config/factions/*) as well as mods like Cove have regular creature as commander is because they were supposed to be played without WoG and don’t have anyone to be called “commander”.

Much more easier is to make copy of creature that will be used as commander and give it “standard” stats + some special abilities (like spellcasting)

It’s easier. But who can guarantie that all modders will do same attributes?
At there will be weeks of commanders bacause of “ALL_CREATURES_GET_DOUBLE_MONTHS” : true

It’s the same as for shooters for siege screen. Not all races will have shooters fitting to be put in towers. So some tower only shooters can be made (as in Covenant town), but they again will appear in weeks of double growth.

Why commanders must be identical? Some offense-focused town may have commander with extra damage and low HP. Nothing wrong with that IMO.

Creatures will be excluded from “week of” (or any other randomization) if “special” field is set to true. It looks that this field is not documented on wiki. Will fix this part.

OK, will test this.