Code fails Concept

Summary	0000456: rev1581 uses wrong way operator || in functions of imarket
Description	many functions use construction
if (mode== enum_mode_value1 || enum_mode_value2 || enum_mode_value3) do_something
while these modes are raw enum, not the bitfields so its results as
if (mode==1) do_something
so please somebody to fix
Steps To Reproduce	fails concept on any mode!=1
so produces runtime errors on any market mode diffrent from those equal 1 (those equal1 will be used more frequently so it could have time to observe)
Additional Information	its issue on coder side, which may be hard to understand for players and testers which aren't c++ programers (eg. aren't coders of this project)

Code is obviously wrong and will be fixed. Thanks for notice.

Not really, mode==val1 is evaluated first and than we take an alternative of comparison result and val2 and val3. Since val2 and val3 are non-zero, it results as
if(true) do_something

Actually there won’t be any errors. The if expression will be always true and for now it will be always true anyway, since any other modes are not supported. Well, that’s half-done trunk code, don’t expect too much :stuck_out_tongue: