Classic gameplay

I didn’t find any instructions or explanations, maybe here someone knows. Is there any method to run current (0.92) version of VCMI without any WoG additions, only with features of original Heroes 3?
After deleting WoG files from “Mods” folder the game fails to run, and the “Wog options” button in the game menu doesn’t work. Is there any other way?

All of WoG features are disabled by default. if they are not, you can turn them off in config/defaultMods.json.

Wogification button does NOT work, it is only bitmap.

I think it’s time to make it sticky.

There’s no “defaultMods.json” file in a config directory. It contains only “settings.json” with graphics options and “modSettings.json”. I have already tried to switch

"wog" : true,

line into

"wog" : false,

But it caused an error:

Error: Mod VCMI essential files requires missing wog!
Critical error: failed to load mods! Exiting...
Killing console... done!

Any suggestions?

On Linux defaultSettings.json is in /usr/share/vcmi/config. (Or run “vcmiclient -v” and check path to data directory)
If you wish you can copy it into your local directory (~/.vcmi/config) and edit to your liking.

WoG by itself can’t be disabled right now so please keep it on.

Not this thread specifically but we do need some FAQ for questions like this.

I still wonder how to turn off the battle creature queue panel, but general gameplay had already become quite similar to pure heroes

Thanks for your replies

Try pressing “Q” :wink:

I think it would be useful to add this information to VCMI Wiki

Done, … _questions
Questions from this thread + some that I remember from recent posts.