Changing window size in windowed mode

Having FullHD on a 15 inch monitor is sometimes a huge pain if you play VCMI in window mode due to small UI elements on a screen. Is there a way to resize window for example 2x times while preserving smaller resolution? In other words: having 640x480 game resolution can I set window size to 1280x960? On WIndows 7 64bit the window size is set in stone upon launch.

VCMI Version: 0.98 Windows.
Heroes III Version: GOG Complete

If not I guess it will be a good idea for me to create some code for you for that xP

Interface scaling has been discussed many times, but unfortunatelly it’s difficult to implement and probably not worth the effort.

…Probably purchase of 15-inch HD monitor wasn’t good idea, after all :wink:

It would be good, of cause, I think.

I’m using a notebook :slight_smile:

I was rather thinking about video output scaling than interface scaling. In other words inject somewhere between interface rendering and actual output and simply render 2x2 pixel instead of 1x1 everywhere.