Changing the data folder location

Hi, I’m having a problem in the instalation of VCMI in which the folder app-data/eu.vcmi is not being created in my Asus Google Nexus 7. As there is no “app-data” folder in the tablet, I’m trying to change the folder using the “Specify directory” option of the “Where to download application data” option. I select the folder I want using it’s directory (/data/eu.vcmi/files), but then it requests me to “Specify command line parameters”. Can’t find a solution for that as I don’t know much about Android.

Please help me in this one.


Sorry but we do not support Android version. Read this: [

Independently of Android considerations, it would still be useful to be able to easily change the program location, so that on Windows one doesn’t need to put VCMI directly in the Heroes 3 folder. This would make it easier to cleanly remove VCMI, or to have several different installations of VCMI (i.e. to keep using a mod incompatible with a newer version, for example; or to more conveniently practice regression tests to find when a given problem arose).

Also, if eventually support for Heroes Chronicles is added, since they are not installed normally (e.g. by GOG installer) in the same directory as Heroes 3, then they too would have to be found from a path variable in an ini/cfg file rather than by being in the same directory as VCMI.

For Chronicles I’d prefer some way to turn them into mod instead of changing VCMI data directory.

But yeah - this functionality is certainly needed. In fact I’m planning to do something similar on Linux side of things. When this is finished implementing config option should be quite easy.

Are the filesystem handling changes related to this?

To some degree - yes. But this is not finished yet. One step at a time :slight_smile: