Castles and lands

I’ve seen a mod which you can change the Castle town and have a different appearance, a snowed landscape and the buildings.

I guess that there is not a bunch of modders so crazy to create different scenarios for all cities, getting different landscapes according to where the city is, but I would just like to know if it would be easy to do it for modders using VCMI.

That would actually be a great idea, but also that should accompany changing of terrain on siege screen. It was possible in H2, it should be in H3 too. It also makes me wonder about dungeon, even if dungeon is above ground, it’s still underground… :S

I have also seen a Tower town without snow.

Wow, it fits perfectly! Who makes all these? Reminds me a lot of heroes 4. I would really like to know how did they make this.

Have you heard of the heroes 3 succession wars mod, by any chance?

Sand Tower was made by Etoprostoya in DF2 Forum/

Succession Wars mod is cool. It would be nice, if someone will convert SW towns to VCMI mods (when SW will release final version with Inferno).

Is it possible that he makes some other changes for more towns?

I’m not really sure, but I think SW towns can be converted to VCMI mods. But in my opinion, it would be weird to have H2 creatures in the middle of H3, even if they are balanced with other creatures. It might be possible to have the entire SW mod in VCMI later.

I don’t have contact with him now.
But I think he was willing to make some another town.

Other towns can be turned out, so even now is possible to play only with SW towns and creatures.
The only question is that converting towns and creatures requires a lot of time.
I experienced this process, but I don’t have much time now to fully convert all towns to VCMI.

It would be nice to have all towns like that, but it’s still just an idea with no details about it. I hope he will make more, if he does, please tell me.

I don’t know how will that look like, it needs some thinking and sorting out. I wouldn’t like it to be too complicated. It would be good if it can all be a mod by itself and then just turning it off would allow you to go back to regular H3. Even I could try to convert towns to VCMI, but honestly, I don’t have much time either and you could say I’m lazy to do that right now.

I am wrong, it’s made by “totkotoriy”, my guilt.