Cant load saved games

Trying to press the load button, but it doesnt do anything. Tried to check if any errors where there, but no error. Help?

That’s strange. Or maybe you’re using buggy Android version? If so - check this: [

Othervice it should work. Some questions:

  • What exactly is a problem? You can’t open screen with list of saved games? Or the list is empty? Or you can’t load game after selecting it?
  • After saving the game do you have files with same name in Games directory?
  • Which operating system you have?

Oh - just in case: you can’t load save game from H3 in VCMI and vice versa.

I don’t use android version. I use computer version. I try to load campaign save games, but NOTHING happens. I press the load button, but nothing happens. I can press it thousands of times, yet nothing happens.

Campaign support is not yet finished - try single-player scenarios (or hotseat mode) for now.

But this behavior is strange. Will take a look on this - last time I checked it was possible to load campaigns.

Ok. Another thing I have found is this. When pressing the WoG logo, I can choose the SoD campaigns

You’ve found yet another not implemented feature :slight_smile:

WoG campaigns are completely broken while campaigns from SoD are (to some degree) playable.

Ok. Are the next version soon out? :slight_smile:

Definitely not “soon” as in 1-2 weeks. More like in 1-2 months. Release date is not set yet.