Can't get random map to work

I’ve tried and I have downloaded the essentials a few times and tried to add the RMG things, but they somehow disappear? I’ve tried to do this multiple times but I can’t get it to work no matter what

when I then start the game it still fails and says there’s nothing that fits, and somehow when I opened VCMI again later the Default Templates tab and files will be gone somehow? I’ve not moved them or done anything.

also from what I can see in other posts my baseline “lineup” of mods is very short compared to the long list others have is that cause I’ve not used mods before and don’t have many installed or am I short something here?

You’ve installed all correctly. RMG should work. Only one thing should give message that nothing fits - wneh you choose generating random maps for 5 players. Another amount of players should work fine. But that strange your Default Templates tab tends to be gone. I have no idea what cause could be.

you need to install vcmi essential files for not having this message in C: // documents / my games / vcmi folder