Can't create random maps for team based hotseat multiplayer (Solved)


I am currently having difficultly creating a team based hot seat game using VCMI. I am using the latest stable build (0.99), and have downloaded the VCMI essential files from the mods page. However, when it comes to generating a hot seat map with teams. I always get an error that says “could not create a random map that fits current choices.”

I’ve also done some research on my situation, and apparently the current random map templates for VCMI do not support teams. Is there any templates that do support teams? Or is this just not possible currently. If anyone can provide me help on this. I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.

I guess random map template format can’t handle teams for this moment…

Is that so? Well that’s too bad.

Thank you for your reply, and I appreciate your honesty. Perhaps in the future, we’ll be able to set up teams and what not. I must say, I’m looking forward to seeing VCMI reach version 1.0! Alas, until then.

I think it should be possible to generate some map with teams with essential files even in 0.99(which is quite old and buggy, you can try daily builds, as they have some bug fixed, and some new bugs ;p ).
At least I can generate XL map, with 8 players and 2 AI or human teams(hot seat, two players). What options are you using when generating random map?

Hello Godric!

Following your advice. I’ve tried generating maps on the latest daily build. Which is “14-Oct-2019 16:49.” Only to have the same results that I did with version 0.99. On both games, my settings where as follows.

Map size is XL.Two level map is enabled. Human or computers players is set to 8. Human or computer teams is set to 1. Computer only players is set to 6. Computer only teams is set to 1. Water content is set to none. Monster strength is set to weak. Difficulty is set to easy.

Ok, after testing with your settings I can confirm that it won’t generate. Looks like setting computer only players to random will do the trick.

@ Godric

Could you share what you have all of the settings on? I attempted to do what you did, and I then I ended up having an instant victory, lol!

Size: XL two levels
Human or computer players: 8
Human or computer teams: 1
Computer only players: random
Computer only teams: 1 (but to set this you heve to set computer only players for something else than random, at least for a moment),
Water: none
Monsters: weak

Generated few(<10) maps with such settings, most was generated succesfully, and human players were in one team, but once it crashed, and once there was instant victory like on your attempt. So I think it should be possible to generate such map, but it can be quite buggy process

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@ Godric

Thank you so much! You have solved my problem! Even if it’s buggy, It’s playable, and that’s all that matters to me! Now I can play as forge town with my friends! On behalf of me and my friends, Thank you!

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