Cannot show chinese characters

I am now translating the latest version to my friends in China. However, the latest version cannot show any Chinese words. Even I have added the Chinese text in vcmi mods. I appreciate if anyone help me.

Hi. Since I have no means to test Chinese version, at the moment it is not exactly supported.

If you can send me some files from Chinese version of the game I can try fixing these issues. I assume that you’re installing vcmi onto Chinese version of the game. Correct?

Can you try to find:

  1. Chinese text files of Heroes III (all files with .txt extension, .e.g. GENRLTXT.TXT)
  2. Chinese fonts from Heroes III (unfortunately not sure what’s their name/extension, since it is different from English version)
    Both should be either in “Heroes III/Data” or in one on .lod archives

If I have these files I can make vcmi automatically detect Chinese version of the game and pick appropriate translation.


Found chinese text files in original bug report with chinese support request.
Will fix support for Chinese today, will probably be available in daily build tomorrow, but you will still need mod with fonts that support Chiniese characters.

This is the one I found but any CJK-capable ttf font will work: (2.8 MB)


There are all Chinese texts and a json for Chinese.
Thanks for your help.
chinese txt.rar (156.3 KB)

Thanks so much and I have already set it into Chinese…
Now my friends should be happy to see this new version!

Sorry for another question… Is this version are not suitable for HOTA pack?

Hota compatible with version 1.1 is not compatible with daily builds and future version 1.2.
1.2-compatible hota version is here:

Hi. Thanks for translation! Will include that file into 1.2 so it will come preinstalled with vcmi.

Few more strings to translate here. Up to you whether to translate them obviously:

	"name" : "VCMI essential files",
	"description" : "Essential files required for VCMI to run correctly",
	"author" : "VCMI Team",
	"modType" : "Graphical",

Also, if you wish - translation files for launcher and map editor are here:
You can either translate it manually with text editor (use any language other than English as base) or using tool “Qt Linguist”