Cannot open /sdcard/app-data/eu.vcmi/VIDEO.VID

I’m using VCMI on an Archos 32, soon on Archos 43.

The path I must use is /mnt/storage/eu.vcmi

At first launch, I did change the data folder to the above then the app launched fine and did its job preparing the folder. I then copied the heroes 3 files there.

Now when I launch it, it exits, and when I check the log, I see the following lines of interrest:

Changing curdir to "/mnt/storage/eu.vcmi"
Cannot open /sdcard/app-data/eu.vcmi/config/settings.txt !
Cannot open /sdcard/app-data/eu.vcmi/Data/VIDEO.VID
failed opening file: No such file or directory

looks like VCMI still tries to look in the original folder… Could it be that this path is hard coded or something? I do not have access to /sdcard, that’s why I changed the path in the first place.

This project looks promissing, i’d be glad to help.