Campaign editor

hi i have a question is there a campaign editor to vcmi? I want to award my campaigns with new cities, but I haven’t found anything like that.

No unfortunately. There is no editor. So we have a set of campaign jsons in our configs. I do not know if it is possible to change them in some mod to provide new campaigns.

Looks like they use h3c files anyway

You can use the original editor. The problem is here those new towns. For a workaround for now (at least partial) i already suggested modifying the algoritm for determining which concrete town to place for random towns. Here is my suggestion again:

  • First, make a list of all non-core towns that are native to the terrain where the randon town is located on. If this list is non-empty, take one of these.
  • Second (if no suitable town found in step 1): Make a list of all core towns that match the terrain. If list is non-epmty, take one of them.
  • Last step: Just take any town (if no town was found in step 2).

With some good mod choosing and some good map making you would perhaps have something like your desired campaign. But this town preference first has to be implemented in the engine. But it would easier to implement this than defining and implementing campaigns.

Regarding camaigns: I would recommend here not to invent and implement a new file format. Just re-use the json config files. Put those json files into the maps folder, and voilá, you get campaigns. This would just need the implementation of carryover heroes and artifacts. The carryover artifacts could be configured in the json file as well.

BTW: Your campaign idea is great!