Bugs not reported on Mantis

Just what i found:

Dwarves CAN resist weakness, according to Strategija.

Impossible. Earliest estimations were somewhere at the end of year 2010. I think we’re quite late now, aren’t we?

The alternative is to have people completely in the dark. I follow the project for some time now and I really do not have an idea on what to expect to be working ad what not. Imho this “list” on the main page with current status and plans for beta is quite needed.

We don’t know it either. There were many initiatives to keep roadmap, feature list, manual or TODO list as well as bug reports… but there is no single person that would manage and maintain it over years. It’s a difficult task and certainly asks for a lot of time and work.
Eventually people do what they want, whenever they want and they can do it.

After 0.99 most likely :wink:

It is quite difficult to say when some feature will be ready. For example year ago modding system was only in distant future. But then we got some changes in code from beegee (new filesystem) which allowed us to do what we have now. Same may happen with any other area.

krs, right now describing what’s NOT working is a better idea. This includes:

  • RMG
  • Multiplayer
  • AI capable of defeating average player
  • Several spells
  • A lot of minor features, which should be reported on bugtracker.

Putting list like this on the front page does not sounds like a good idea (first impression and such). If somebody will make new/better project description text I’m sure Tow will update it.

Out of curiosity: is it using some known/worked out rules of playing (logic), or algorithmic approach only (brute force+sth smart evaluating current state)? I.e. does AI ‘play/think’ or ‘use CPU power’?

Oh, and some idea on hard level of adventure AI would be to give it some hints not visible to regular users (access to wider area, army peeking and similar ‘cheats’ as game itself would never assume something out of it’s experience). Altering frequency of successive peeks and it’s accuracy you could easily adjust difficulity level, in the hardest one AI could always see entire map and precise army details.

Perhaps we could also priorize some bugs, improvements or features which are more critical than others. I will playtest VCMI the next days in a greater detail and write a list about le’ts say 4 or 5 things which are of priority A in my opinion. That’s something I really want to do now. I can’t think of the last time when I played a computer game :slight_smile:

Sadly I can’t fix any bugs or improve any features for now. I will continue to do a few things on the RMG. So that something more usable gets generated.

I think that modding system improvements + AI are the most important things.

Who writes AI things now?

Played VCMI, and I think, that AI variant could be managed, that uses not strict logic, but random choice when dealing with unknown spells/objects or choosing target for attack. For now it can improve logic (especially for battles), cause non-predictable AI is cooler, than AI with iron logic.

So, I completed one game and one game partially. The AI plays well but sometimes stucks somewhere and can’t move on. That’s my list of what should be fixed/improved:

Mantis #1395
Mantis #1394
Mantis #1393


  • The window to buy war machines doesn’t open. Should be confirmed.


  • Map: King of Pain, orange player stucked behind a light blue guard and didn’t do anything


  • Right-click on a creature stack shouldn’t open the creature window permanently. (as with most right-click actions)

Missing features:

  • Right-click on hero in battle should open hero info -> Mantis 697 -> I want to see how strong my opponent hero is :slight_smile:
  • Right-click while moving hero should cancel/stop hero movement
  • Transition effects -> Mantis 853 -> Perhaps anyone can take some time to implement this

The game makes much fun! In my opinion VCMI comes now really close to H3!

Should be fixed now.

I remember this being reported on Mantis.

Confirm. Not related to right button but to movement interruption in general. However it happens only sometimes - not sure where it is coming from.

I went through them and updated the post HERE.

Also created Mantis reports for convenience:
#1407 - Adventure
#1408 - Combat

If I missed something let me know or update directly (especially in the case of H3 hotkeys not listed in the manual).

By the way, I played with DEFs/bmps of buildings in town screen. And replacing frames in DEFs don’t work.
For example, i have DWELLING_0.bmp and DEF made from it (with transparency colour 0,0,0). I do DWELLING_0.json, write there
{ “frame” : 0, “file” : “nameoftown/DWELLING_0.bmp”},
and it displays on screen, but transparent background is not transparent, so only this building is displayed with non-trancparent background.
I think VCMI must take transparency color from DEF file, and use this information to correctly show changed frames.

You’re doing this wrong way. Just add alpha channel to your image. Json description is a replacement for .def’s so it shouldn’t use anything from .def.

I’m now playing with artifacts for stacks, and want to ask: is this is a bug that if stack with artifact is killed, artifact disappears?
I think it must appear in hero’s backpack. Like flags in WOG.

Another serious bug.
I have a new town, where building 17 exists in buildings/structures, but don’t exist in faction (and has no DEF actually).
I entered this town in game, and game falled out because of non-existence of DEF. So it means AI built building disabled in town hall. This is serious bug.

Taken a look.
Great, 32-bit PNGs with transparency are shown very good.
Now I have to make PNGs for a hell lot of towns, where pixel issues are present:-)
The only complaint that town screen with transparent PNGs consumes much more CPU, than with DEFs…

Town hall is only a visualization for player and completely unrelated to building availability.

This means that AI can build any building as long as all requirements are fulfilled. This includes building upgrades - AI can build 2nd building from a slot without building 1st one IF requirements are met.

This is very bad. faction.json sets buildings available for buying. What if some dwellings are not finished in DEFs or disabled now? For example, we have dwellings 30, 37, but creature for bulding 37 is absent. Why AI builds them?
If I remove buildings not present right now, this will lead to 2 troubles in future:

  1. if modder found DEF or wants to enable some building, he will be forced to do it from scratch, or comment, and that will lead to too heavy jsons. And it will harden adding new towns - because they all have differencies in buildings set.
  2. more serious error - if town have not all buildings, that written in map, this will lead to error, since VCMI don’t check if building exists. So some non-existen in town hall buildings are present to avoid these fatal errors. If you say they must be removed from jsons, than VCMI must be rewritten to avoid building non-existent buildings from map.

So I think that AI must be directed by faction.json information, and not buildings.json information. Or there will be errors.

PS For example I have town with only 5 levels of dwellings and with no upgrades. What I have to do? Make fictious DEFs? Deletings buildings from buildings/structures will lead to miscompatibility with maps.

PPS If I will write in building info

“mode” : “special”

AI will be building this dwelling? Or it will not?

PPPS So there arises problem, that VCMI during loading mods don’t check existence of DEF files. When will this check be implemented?

Can you answer on my previous post?
And do “mode”:“special” will stop AI from buying building?

Actually no - AI is not aware of “mode” field. Easiest way to stop AI from building something is to make impossible requirements - e.g. building that depends on itself.

So this will work?

I wanted to ask. There is no possibility to replace frames in DEFs for map objects yet?
Is it planned, if no?
I plan a huge task, so if it is planned for near future, it will be good - I’ll just prepare transparent PNGs and don’t care about noir on edges etc (it will be transparent).