Bugs 0.98

Hi there,
First of all, thanks for the wonderful work your making, it’s my first post.
I tried to report this on mantis but I am not getting the activation email, it’s been a few days since I registered.
So, I have been playing “The word of God” with VCMI 0.98 and I have found that:

  1. All spell scrolls contain Magic Arrow and no other spell.
  2. The first aid tent is healing my enemies when my troops are intact.
  3. When I use the Orb of Inhibition, the poison clouds from my own liches damage my undead troops.
  4. Once, when I visited a map object and then another while the sound of the first one was playing, the game crashed.
  5. Someone on another thread reported that when you drop a commander artifact on the commander button, they disappear, but they don’t, they just not show on the commander window, but the effect of the artifact is active.
  6. Most custom mods have format issues, i.e.: missing required entries and comma problems, but that’s for mod authors, not VCMI team. By the way, where should someone post that one (Mod bugs)?
    Hope this helps the project somehow. I will post this on mantis if I ever get to log in.
    I’m studing the sources, maybe I can contribute in the future (no promises though).
    Keep up the good work, I’m a huge fan. Thanks.