Bug Report

Couldn’t find the source code to the Emerald Tower so here it’s in plain english.

  1. Ghosts - if you give them the hability to attack all surrounding units they lose their hability to draw life from enemys. If the problem can not be fixed I see two solutions

Remove the option for the ghosts, if they suck life from all enemys around they would be so powerfull they would had to substitute the Arcangels as the representation of the hyer ranks.
Remove the life loses with the draw life hability. They would became less ‘special’ but would still be a nasty unit to deal with but not TOO powerfull.

  1. Turn to Undead. Tried with Sacred Phoenixes and Azure Dragons in real games. They didn’t became imune to the death cloud, that was my main propuse. If it was just the moral problem that option is also avaihable. So, something is not working right.

P.s. The Emerald Tower is erm script right?

Neither ERM, Emerald Tower or Ghosts ability are supported. Maybe try to play the game before making any reports :stuck_out_tongue:
And please use bugtracker.