Boost iostream still present in trunk

Bug 0001135 was closed but automake still uses boost iostream in 3 at svn revision 2991.

I have attached a patch file to fix that:

cd /path/to/svn/trunk
patch -p0 < vcmi-boost-iostream-automake.patch

to fix it manually:
in client/ , lib/ and Scripting/ERM/

Attaching patch files doesn’t seem to work. You can retrieve it from here: … make.patch

Done. Autotools build works. But you should use CMake instead - autotools will be removed before next release.

Thanks Ivan.
Out of curiosity, why do you guys stop supporting autotools?

CMake is much more easy to use (at least for developer). Suporting autotools is quite painful:

  • ./configure script is NOT portable - different autotools versions sometimes won’t work.
  • weird issues if configure script was not re-generated with completely illogical errors.
  • lack of GOOD documentation.

On the other hand - CMake is easy to use, cross-platform, well-documented - no issues so far.