Block spells/artifacts in random template. (+setting up team allignments in map editor)

Hii, i’m just wondering if it’s possible to block certain spells and artifacts from being used in my random map template’s json?
I know that i could generate map from it in map editor and then there disable them, but then there are still spell scrolls on the map that i would have to manually change, so that’s a pain in the butt.
Oh i guess i’ll add one question regarding map editor, i’m not too sure how to manage teams allignments for each player, i’d like to set up a 4v4, but i don’t see options for that, “players” panel doesn’t let me choose any.

There is no way to customise available objects for a template, but you can alays create your own mod that makes them unavailable, then create a random map using it.

Mind though that artifacts are randomized at a game start, so if you launch the game with different mods enabled, you’ll get different artifact pool.

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Alright, thanks, that sounds like a good idea to just mod them out. :+1: