Battle_graphics ID 70 missing

In spell_info.json, StoneGaze “anim” points to battle_graphics ID 70. Which is missing. Is there any animation for stone gaze?

Edit: Paralize points again to that missing ID 70. Should ID 70 point to paralyze anim. SP10_.def?

Well, Paralyze has it’s own animation, while Stone Gaze has not. Just as any other effect that changes color of stack (Bloodlust, Clone). I was hoping these will be solved when we migrate to OpenGL, but that project has stopped, unfortunatelly.

For paralyze ( SP10_.def) there is no entry in battle_graphics. I suspect is this missing ID 70. (Stone Gaze is clear:

"anim" : -1


Another issue at firewall: config/battle_graphics.json. at ID 44 first entry is for 2 hex (C07SPF0.def). It should be for 3 hex: (C07SPF3.DEF).

krs, if you’ll submit patch with all these corrections I’ll commit it to svn.

Technically it is possible to implement them right but this may break future 32-bit support…

From the other side - implementing effects like this with 32-bit graphics would need OpenGL anyway. Perhaps I’ll try to implement these effects a bit later.

I have added my changes.

  • Paralyze tested.
  • Firewall not tested because I cannot be opposing player. But logically should be the rigt def now.
    StoneGaze still needs fixing. “anim” : -1 crashes due to “vector … something”. Please take a look what value should be/should not be there.

Patch log:

  • Corrected starting animation for opposing player expert firewall (<)
  • Paralyze animation for Scorpicores was missing from battle_config.json
  • StoneGaze spell pointed to a non existing AC_mapping entry. (Set to -1 for the moment -> crash!)


Regarding Stone Gaze - perhaps use some other animation (like paralysis) until correct effect will be implemented? So players will see that special effect triggered instead of having no visible reaction at all?

Something happened while adding attachment , because I remember selecting file and pressing buttons :D…

Yeah… “The extension Patch is not allowed”. Will zip it.

Regarding Paralyze as animation for stone-gaze… I just now understood the discussion you had about OpenGL. Was wondering why blodlust has Wraith “heal” animation. (592 Bytes)

Hotseat? :stuck_out_tongue: Use VCMI_Tests_2011b if you did not yet.

Should ID 70 point to paralyze anim. SP10_.def? :arrow_right: